Pr & Media Relations

We ensure that your strategic communication process builds beneficial relationships between your brand and its diverse audience. By defining competent communication mechanics, you reach your target audience through the right medium with a relevant message, so your brand stays memorable to your target audience.

What we do

  • Hold media events.
  • Conduct press conferences – including invitation and RSVP management, press pack development and on-ground support.
  • Source and manage speaking and sponsorship opportunities for high-profile industry events.
  • Conduct interview negotiation, organisation, preparation, attendance, and follow-up on coverage.
  • Distribute press releases and ensure media follow-up.
  • Ensure media monitoring.
  • Identify media trends, new cycles and provide strategic counsel about brand positioning.
  • Provide media training.
  • Reach influencer engagement.

Be the centre of media buzz

Media comes in all types and forms. We’re all about what matters: from interviews to press releases and influencer engagement, we ensure your brand reaches your target audience. Even better, we’ll establish media communications and build your comms strategy so you can get all the media buzz that gets people talking.

Our team are experts in media, with excellent media relations and skill to ensure you get the coverage you want and need. Let’s work together to get you on the top news.